24 July 2004

Comete K4 LINEAR dans l'amas NGC5466 et asteroide Juno dans M11
Both images were taken with the C11 HyperStar and the ST237 CCD July 28 from Munich.

Comet C/2003 K4 (LINEAR) and NGC 5466
10x 20s L (1x1) RGB (2x2) at 20:45 UTC, FOV = 31'
The picture is a composite of a stack with alignment on comet and a stack with alignment on cluster.

M11 cluster and minor planet (3)Juno
4x 20s L (1x1) RGB (2x2) at 21:44 UTC, FOV = 37'
Alignment on cluster. Juno is seen opposite the cluster on the picture, as a blue dot followed by a coloured trail.

Jean-Luc Dighaye
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