McNaught Farewell
The comet was an easy binocular (10x42) object in the afternoon of 13.01.07. Around 15:10 UTC i.e. more than half an hour before sunset (15:44), it became visible to the naked eye. At sunset, it was hardly less visible than Venus. In view of the small elongation and altitude of the comet, it must have been substantially brighter than Venus, about -5 mag (indeed, recent magnitude estimates range between -4.7 and -6). A very compact object, with a tail visible over less than 1°, hence less spectacular than on 10.01.07.
Numerous short exposure images were taken with the D100 and the Maksutov, in the 1000/11 and 550/6.3 configurations. Here birds in the foreground, before sunset (15:10 & 15:41); a "mock comet" made of cirrus and contrails (15:53); and an airplane, then cloud bands next to the setting comet (16:05 & 16:11).

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